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Oh My Hair!

A blend of nettle tea and natural gels, plus essential oils to be used for hair growth and health.  Can be left on for a few hours as a masque, or simply massaged into hair right before washing.


It only need be applied on the actual scalp - unless your hair is damaged, in which case, it can be applied to all your hair.  But for hair growth / fine hair, just apply to the scalp (about 20ml per application) and then massage in for 5 mins with your fingers.  


This product is best stored in the fridge if you are not using regularly to extend the shelf life. 

Oh My Hair!

  • 100ml dropper bottle (About 6 portions if using on just scalp).  The dropper allows you to control how much you want to use.

  • Nettle tea

    Flax seed gel

    Aloe vera gel

    Rosemary hydrosol

    Distilled water

    Essential oils: Rosemary, Lavender & Peppermint

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