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Em has a wonderful spiritual gift with animals! She explores it with compassion and kindness, in the best interest of your pet. If your furry friend needs help, I recommend collaborating with Em to find healing and empowerment as you connect to your animal's spirit. The more you can work through the energy body, the more options and healing become available to you.

- Kai -

Dearest Emma, 

I just want to take this time to express my gratitude. My first SCHH session with you was in March 23. Removing entities takes great patience to say the least; it was like negotiating a hostage situation & you were brilliant. I had no clue the effects on my health that the entities were causing & since that session, I have lost 15 pounds & no longer suffer with migraine headaches. In Dec 23, we had another session in which I discovered a great deal about previous lives on Mars & Neptune, as well as karmic patterns I’m currently navigating through & clearing karmic debt. The communication & energy is absolutely amazing during these sessions. The dragon energy during my second session was indescribable! You are a blessing to this earth. Your gifts & skills have really helped me more than I can explain.

Sending you so much love from Michigan, & I look forward to the new year & a further session with you at some point.  God Bless.

- Teresa -

Emma radiates kindness & compassion & is truly dedicated to helping others heal. Her deep connection to animals & distance Reiki

has helped my cat’s symptoms subside almost immediately.  She is a wealth of knowledge & I will not hesitate to reach out to her for any future needs. I highly recommend Emma!!! 

- Jeannine -

I have had four sessions/treatments with Emma. I have had such positive results & each sessions brings me such inner peace & calm.

I have had Reiki, crystal healing & a full energetic body overhaul i.e. a full chakra cleanse & rebalance.

Each session is amazing…awesome. I sleep better & have clarity in the days afterwards & I can't wait for my next healing session

with Emma!!!!!!! Thank you Em.

- Giz -

It is my pleasure to recommend Emma as a practitioner for SCHH.

I have had two sessions with her & found her to be very skilled & competent.  Her reassuring demeanour enabled me to feel safe & relaxed throughout the sessions which led to a deep state of hypnosis. I had several past life experiences which were profound &

gave me an understanding of how I could move forward in life. In both sessions I experienced emotional releases & access to my

higher self from which I gained clarity & a better understanding of my own journey.

As a result of these sessions I have more confidence, self assurance & feel I’ve overcome some emotional blocks that were

holding me back. I have also experienced freedom from feelings of grief & sadness which I believe were causing some

difficult physical symptoms that have decreased considerably.

I was particularly impressed with Emma’s professionalism & follow-up emails & have no qualms in recommending her to

anyone who may be interested in this healing modality.

- Nikki -

My son, 15years old, was so intrigued with my bragging about feeling calm & sleeping better due to my online healing sessions with Emma. He kept asking me to have Reiki & crystal Healing with Emma, so we set him up a session & he is hooked! Not only does

he sleep better for days following his treatments, but his "growth pains" in his knees (he is extremely sporty & active) subside for a couple of days afterwards, because he asks Emma to put extra care/focus on his knees while healing. I highly recommend

online sessions for teens, as it is hassle free & they feel so emotionally comfortable being treated at home & not at a clinic.

- Giz - 

I have had several treatments as well as card readings with Emma. I have had Reiki, crystal healings & Chakra cleansing. 

I felt so much calmer after each session, more energised & more balanced. 

I feel so much better afterwards, I am more focused and calmer. 

Emma is able to provide her treatments at her studio or even online!

I highly recommend Emma...Em you are amazing!  Thank you Em, I always love coming to you for treatments. 

- Sam -

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