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Any questions ??

Answers to a few of the more commonly asked questions can be found below... 

Image by Zach Lucero

What if I don't believe in what I can't physically see or feel?

All healing will work for your highest good, even if you can't physically feel or see it.  We are electric beings - & this energy is part of us & everything around us.  All I do, is channel that energy and direct it towards the body, with intention.  

Your body knows exactly what it needs (even if you don't) & healing will occur as long as you allow it.  All healing is self healing - 

I do not heal anyone. Everyone can heal themselves when their body is in a receptive , relaxed stated.

What about my religious beliefs?

I work with all my angels & the Archangels during sessions - as I always protect the space I work in.  For you to get the benefit from any energetic healing modality, you do not have to be of any particular religion, nor will this contradict any religious belief system.  The universal energy heals all beings, no matter what their beliefs are.

What is energy healing, and what do I need to do during a session?

The only thing you need to do is fully relax & let your body heal itself & all I am doing is holding space for you to do that.  

We live in such a busy world, so if you're new to this, you may find it hard to quiet your mind, & this can hinder your being finding that very relaxed state to slip into.  This is why I always do a deep relaxation / meditation BEFORE the healing, so that you can gain the most benefit.  You can even fall asleep, & in some cases, you will as your body will get a really deep healing whilst your conscious mind is asleep, because your body always knows exactly what YOU need.  More info can be found here.

How does healing work on my animals?

Animals are so much better at receiving energy than we are!!  They are naturally attuned to the energetic field to begin with,

& because they do not have the limiting mental beliefs that humans have, they allow the energy to come in & their bodies

to heal.  You may notice your animal stretching, falling asleep or just becoming very relaxed... but some don't react at all.  

Just like us, they are all different, but they respond really well to energy healing. 

What do I need for online healing sessions?

For reiki, crystal, combo sessions or animal consults, you need to be able to have a zoom or phone call.

As long as we can talk & interact, that is all that is necessary.  I will make notes during the consult, & if you are having a healing session, you will just need a comfortable place to sit or lie - where your laptop / mobile device can be positioned near you.

You are welcome to have your favourite crystals around or on your body during these sessions.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Never been under hypnosis?  The brain wave state that we work in during a session, is one you naturally go into at least twice a day - right before sleep & just after waking.  You do this every day, so there is nothing unusual about being in this very relaxed state.  All that is necessary, is for you to be able to visualise.  If you feel uncertain about visualisation, I can provide

exercises to help prepare you for a session before you book.

Can products be shipped to places other than NZ & Australia?

If you are in a country other than the above, please pop me an email and I will then send you a quote for the cost of shipping products to that specific country. 

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