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Services & Healing Sessions

All of my services can be conducted remotely (via Zoom and in some cases telephonically). 

These healing modalities work in the quantum space - and thus one does not have to be physically present in the same space.  However, if necessary, home consults can be arranged.

I have varied the sessions to give several options - the body will be drawn to whichever modality can provide the best healing at the time.  I've set these up in this manner, with the intention that there will be something for every soul.

If you're new to all of these healing modalities, but are looking for a new way to heal and to energise yourself, then simply allow yourself to "feel into" which one you'd like to try ... and it will always be right.  

NOTE: If you have questions, or would like to connect BEFORE booking an actual session, I offer a 20 minute FREE chat where you can ask your questions before you book in with me.  If this is something that you'd like to do, please contact me via email, sms or the contact form.  Thank you.


15 - 30  min consult @ $100

Animals are exactly like humans, they're just in a different body!  In fact, animals are more open to receiving energy healing as they are not bound by the same limiting beliefs that humans are. Connecting with animals remotely has many benefits, and I work worldwide. 

We all want our animal companions to be happy and healthy, and these sessions are a mix of healing, communication and magic. Sometimes they're subtle, sometimes they're powerful, but the animal is always in control of the session - as everything unfolds for their best and highest good.

This session with me will be to discuss the issues, and then I will connect with the animal energetically in my own time.  I will feed back to you after I have had the session with the animal concerned.

Image by Samuel Austin

60 to 90 min session @ $110

I work with reiki, crystals, angels, sound and more in these sessions.  I may use one modality or a combination, as I am intuitively guided to give what your body is calling for. 


Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that uses universal energy to heal the body.  The energy that is all around us, and within us, does not work with the same limitations of the human mind - which is why it can be done via distance.  In the quantum field, time and space simply do not exist.

Crystals carry their own energetic frequencies and can be powerful healing tools. There are also other healers that I work with, including angels, elementals, and more!


All of these can help to balance the subtle bodies, re-energise the chakras, release stuck energy, as well as provide many other benefits.


90 to 120 min session @ $190

This is the same as per the energetic healing session, but before we begin the healing session, I use hypnosis to take you into the theta brainwave state, which allows for an even deeper healing.

Often our bodies know what they need, but the mind is powerful, and if there is a lot of negativity, this can, in some cases, impede the healing taken in by the body.  

This option is also good for those that struggle to fully relax, as you may find it easier to let go whilst your body heals itself, and you may even fall asleep (which is perfectly fine).

All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, and you can never be made to do anything against your will!

Image by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)
Spiral Stairs


3 - 4 hour session @ $350

If you're interested in deep relaxation and connecting with yourself on a deeper level - using hypnosis to bypass your conscious mind, then this is for you.

Try one of these sessions, using the SCHH technique which includes body & mind relaxation, clearing of negative energies, journeying into parallel lives, full energetic system reboot and aura reseal, as well as connecting to your higher self.

Please click here for more information if you are not familiar with this hypnosis technique.


60 - 90 min session @ $80

Looking for some general guidance, insights, or answers to specific questions? Readings can even reveal what you are ready to shift in your life, as the cards are a great tool to bring up what you may not even know is there!!

Book a reading - including tarot, and/or various other decks of oracle cards ... where you are able to choose a specific deck or allow the deck/s to be chosen for you!

As with all other sessions, these can be done remotely via zoom - where we will connect, draw cards and conduct the reading.

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