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12 Chakra Spray kit

This is an upgrade to the normal 7 sprays.  These are charged in sunlight, and both full and new moonlight.  The elixirs have actual physical selenite crystals within, and were infused with angelic, unicorn and dragon energy over a 7 week period.  


They are further infused with flower essences, crystals, essential oils and sound frequencies.


These sprays are intended to be used for healers, practitioners and those who have been on the awakened path for a while, and who wish to activate and upgrade their chakra systems. 


For more info, check out my blog post on these!!  You can find my blog page under the menu.


** THIS IS THE WHOLE KIT - all 12 sprays (you essentially get one free).

If you wish to buy individual sprays, please select the INDIVIDUAL product option.

12 Chakra Spray kit

  • Glass bottle with spray nozzle

  • Pure distilled water infused with high vibrational crystals, sound frequencies, flower essences and more.  Topped off with essential oils and real selenite.

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