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Animal group healing sessions are here!!

I'm so pleased to share that I will be launching my group healing sessions for animals! These will be live sessions, where I open a container, and invite all the animals in so they can draw on the healing they need.

The purpose of these is to offer general healing, that is a little more potent and targeted than my free healing containers on YT, but they will be more affordable than having a one-to-one session with me.

Depending on the demand, I may hold a few of these a month, to cater for different time zones. I would also like to invite the human guardians to stay on after the healing and share any experiences if they would like to, or to ask questions.

Animals can benefit from these sessions just for general wellbeing, and keeping their energy centres aligned and balanced, as well as if you have ageing animals who may need a bit more care in their golden years. They would be useful if your animal is recovering from illness and/or surgery, and the beauty of these, is that you can bring as many animals as you wish to the session!!

The first session is Monday 8th July (NZ time) which for the rest of the world will be Sunday 7th July - from around noon to 9pm (depending on your time zone). I thought this would cater for most time zones, except for Australia... and then I can go from there.

I will be making an announcement on YT soon to announce these, and you will be able to purchase from my website if you wish to attend. I will record the sessions in case you cannot attend, so you will receive the recording after the session has concluded.

I look forward to engaging more with the human guardians to bring you more of what you feel your animals need. I am quite excited about this new offering!

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