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Energetic healing benefits

If you're new to energy healing, you're probably wondering what this is, how it works, why you would need a session, and possibly have a million more questions!

As a simple start, we are ALL energy. Everything in this universe is energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form. The furniture you see in your home, the car you drive, the emotions you feel, and even your physical body - are all energy at the most basic level. There is energy all around us - everywhere - but the human eye is sensitive to only a very narrow band of frequencies within the enormous range of frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. This narrow band of frequencies is referred to as the visible light spectrum, of which we see very little indeed.

In the past, you may have heard people speak of the fact that we are bodies with a soul. In more recent years, we've come to realise that we are in fact, first and foremost, spiritual beings - having a human experience on planet earth! This is an important distinction, as in the past, we thought of our physical selves as the bigger part with a soul / light. Now, we know that we are in fact, these amazing souls / light beings, having a human experience, and that our energetic bodies are the BIGGEST part of us! This is where energetic healing comes into play.

Our energetic body (some know it as the aura or subtle bodies) stretches out far beyond our physical body - most people's energy field ends around their fingertips (think of putting your hands out to your sides and imagining a bubble of invisible energy around your physical body). With practice and an understanding of your field, you can bring this in closer or expand it out even further. This field offers protection to the physical body, so when it is weakened (can be from many things such as EMF's, pollutants, chemicals, etc), you get tears or dents in it, which then weakens your field.

Added to this, none of us have ever been taught how to process emotions, what emotions even are, and so we define ourselves by the emotions passing through our field and body, and more importantly, we HOLD onto these emotions - for example, we say "I AM angry" ... when we should say "I FEEL angry", and we can "be angry" for hours, days, weeks and even years!! This is not healthy!! Our emotions are simply 'energy in motion' - and so when an emotion comes over you, you can simply acknowledge it, allow it to complete its cycle, let it pass through you, and let it go. But we tend to hang onto those emotions, and they then clog up our energy field, and left too long, this then manifests as physical illness (dis-ease).

So, when you look at your being holistically, you are body, mind and soul - and if you are experiencing any kind of emotional upheaval, physical pain, are just feeling worn out, the list could go on and on ... you need to be working with your energy field as a STARTING point in order to balance your being. By balancing the being, you bring all the parts of you back into harmony, and your being starts to feel more at ease, less stressed, pain will ease and you will also be able to cope much better with anything that may come your way.

It's very important to realise that YOU have the power to heal yourself, you can choose how you respond to your surroundings, and most importantly, that the best way to help yourself is to start WITHIN. Your physical body is an amazing temple that houses your soul in this lifetime, and it is a self-tuning, self healing instrument, if you give it what it needs. Your mind can often be working against the body due to programs/stories that you have told yourself (which have also come about to help you survive in this world), which have resulted in limiting beliefs... and the time has come to now get back in the driver's seat, and start CONSCIOUSLY deciding what you want for your being and for your life. We are at a time where we are able to start shedding what no longer serves us, and to shine like the beautiful souls that we are.

So to conclude, energetic healing sessions are a great place to start your healing journey. All healing is self healing, but the energy healers of this world will help you to start this journey, show you tools, and also, hold a beautiful, sacred and safe place for you to just let go and let your body start doing what it intuitively knows how to do! You will start to learn how to work with your body and mind, instead of against them, and this is how the process of healing yourself all comes together beautifully with energy healing sessions as a starting point.

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