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New addition - Chakra sprays!

Finally, after months of ideas and deliberation, my chakra sprays are here!! I have started with the 7 main points "within" the physical body, and will look to add more soon!

Each spray is energised with sunlight, and infused with high vibrational crystals (that correspond to each chakra), flower essences (that support each chakra on an emotional level), as well as colour and sound frequency (per the relevant chakra) added in towards the end of the process. At the end, an essential oil is added so that when the spray is used, the aromatherapy adds the final effect!

I asked the following Archangels & ascended masters to help me infuse intention and the exact colour frequency into each elixir:

  • Root - Uriel - as he holds the energy of ruby red fire, which is the colour of this chakra.

  • Sacral - Saldalphon - as he is connected to the crystalline grid of Gaia, and this seemed fitting to connect to earth, as well as our creative essence.

  • Solar Plexus - Quan Yin - Quan is the goddess of compassion, so this also called to me as this chakra is all about self love and empowerment.

  • Heart - Raphael - as he holds the energy of emerald green fire, which is the colour of this chakra, but also, as we move to open our hearts, because Raphael is also our master healer, his energy will assist in healing our hearts at this time.

  • Throat - Michael - as he holds the energy of electric blue fire, which is the colour of this chakra. Michael is also our great protector, so we can feel safe whilst speaking our truth.

  • Third Eye - St. Germaine - as he holds the violet flame, which seemed to fit perfectly with the colour of this chakra, as well as opening our "spiritual eye".

  • Crown - Gabriel - as he holds the energy of diamond white fire - which is perfect for the crown chakra as this connects us to Source, and is white is the colour of all the other colours together.

For sound, it was a combination of notes and frequencies that support each chakra, as these will further help to balance and heal the chakras. Last, but not least, each elixir was infused with my intention to help every being that uses them, and various symbols which called to me based on what each chakra represents. The dragons, unicorns, and devic kingdom were also present during my work with these essences.

I will be developing some oral drops which can be used in your drinking water, over food, etc in the coming weeks, so look out for these!! These will essentially follow the same creation process as the sprays, but will have no essential oils, and more concentrated flower essences, plus a few tweaks here and there so they are safe to ingest.

May all my intention, plus all the magic of the universe, the angelic & elemental realms, be felt with each and every spray of these elixirs!!

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