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New offering for our beloved animals

I was called this weekend to add a very special offering for our animals 🕊 Although this has been a thought for a while now, I did think it would be something I added in the coming years, and that it would form part and parcel of my current animal guardianship sessions 💙

However, I have been guided to create a totally NEW session and add it now!! I am still amazed at how this path is just unfolding beneath my feet as I am walking it, even though I feel in the dark a lot of the time. I am continually being asked to trust, expand, surrender control and just go with the flow. ✨🦄💜💥💫

It took me a few days to integrate what I had been asked to do... as these new session are containers that will assist our beloved animal companions before, during (or even after) their transition out of their physical bodies 🕊🐾 One of the main reasons I grappled with it, was because the biggest part of me not studying to become a vet all those years ago, was because I wasn't sure I could handle having to put animals to sleep.

I have loaded all the info on my "sessions" page, along with a link for deeper info, which describes this offering in much more detail - as these special ceremonies needed more than just a few words. I have called them "Sacred Ceremonies" ✨💖⭐

The essence of these ceremonies is to create a container through which healing streams can be sent, to assist the animals with any physical discomfort, and to help make the transition easier ... so they can use the energy in whichever way they need 🌼🌸

In addition, the healing streams will also offer support to the human guardian/s as this is an incredibly difficult time of emotional upheaval, as all us animal lovers know just how heart-breaking it is to say goodbye to our beautiful friends ❤️‍🩹

I look forward to helping as many animals as possible before, during or after they have transitioned... supporting them in all ways, so they can depart surrounded by love, compassion and peace. I see this as one of the highest honours to be able to give to the animal kingdom ⭐ 🥰💖😍

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1 Comment

Hi Em! Your dedication to helping animals in need is truly remarkable. Your willingness to step outside your comfort zone to provide comfort and support for our beloved animal companions is both courageous and compassionate. This is such an important part of life’s journey and thank you for providing this service to people and their beloved pets. ❤️

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