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New "upgraded" chakra sprays are here!!

Updated: May 27

A few months after I created my chakra sprays last year, I started to have ideas for this next range. Nothing much happened in this regard, until last month, when I kept "being woken" at all hours of the early morning, with final ideas and guidance on how to create these! 😜

After many early morning of writing pages of ideas, symbols and "instructions", I finally purchased several new glass jars to brew my "mother essences" in⭐ The process started a few weeks prior to the pink full moon in April, and was guided to add the new moon energies in May to complete the lunar energy infusion 🌙 Of course, they are also infused with our beautiful solar energies 🌞 which have been pretty potent this year with all the solar flares and storms.

This range covers ALL 12 chakras! When I had the idea last year, I thought I might still do just the standard 7 chakras, but this is where I have ended up. There are a few differences between this range and my current range, which are outlined below:

Each different essence has been infused with its own unique dragon, unicorn and angelic energy (the last lot were done all together) 🦄 🐉😇🧚

I have acquired beautiful glass crucibles, which are infused with clear quartz - and this enables all the frequencies of crystals, symbols, sound, sunlight and moonlight to be infused into the water more potently. The water itself will actually be of a more harmonic (ordered) structure (as can be seen below). If anyone knows of Dr Emoto's water experiments, this is along the same lines ✨💎 

Although each essence has different crystals infused, they ALL have clear quartz, linking them to one another 💎

I was asked to create them WITHOUT COLOUR this time around - the message is that each soul will have their own unique colours for their chakras as our bodies upgrade to crystalline-based. This also ties in with the fact that each chakra will actually carry the entire colour spectrum  🥰💖🔥 However, the meditation includes colour graphics if anyone wants to use these as a guide.

There is a liquid crystal TRINITY which will has also been infused into each essence, whereas the last range only had ONE liquid crystal infused. These sacred, and very powerful crystal messages and codes have been brought back into our consciousness from Atlantean times, and these codes are infused into the water of each essence. ✨

I've also been asked to include a meditation to use these essences with - the idea being to use full moon energies to release the old, and new moon energies to bring new frequencies into our bodies. Of course, the essences can be used intuitively by each person, but the meditation may help those who would like the guidance 😍

REAL selenite crystals have been infused / dissolved into the water, so this water carries the physical essence of these high vibrational crystals as well!! ✨

The idea is that anyone that has been on their spiritual journey for a while, and is looking to expand their chakra work, will benefit from using these. All healers, energy workers, grid workers, etc, will also find these amazing 🖤 The current range (7) will suit those newer to their journey... as we are all at various stages on our paths - no one is higher or lower - just different. But this new range (12) will carry much higher frequencies, thus would suit those who are not new to energetic work ✨⭐

These are now ready and for sale!!😍 I am so looking forward to using them on myself, and my clients. I have a sense that these will also continue to be "upgraded" as we shift ourselves and the animals, with our beloved mother earth 🌎 into brighter, happier times!!

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